Red Wing Heritage has opened its first ever Women’s Store in Berlin

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After successfully launching their first Women’s Collection a year ago, Red Wing Heritage took the next step. The long-established company opened a store exclusively for women in Berlin early October – the first of its kind worldwide.

After opening 14 Heritage Stores globally, including nine in Europe with the latest one opening in Stockholm, Red Wing Heritage has now gone one step further by also focusing on female customers. After 50 years, the long-established brand from Minnesota reintroduced boots for women in September 2016 and now, one year after the successful launch, opened the world’s first Red Wing Heritage Women’s Store in Berlin – an important milestone in the 110-year old company history. The store is located just a stone’s throw away from the Red Wing Shoe Store (Münzstraße 8) and will of course offer the full Women’s Collection as well as selected products from other manufacturers. The new concept on the Almstadtstraße 1 is a project close to the heart of Allison Gettings and designer Gaal Levine, who were in charge of launching the Women’s Collection in 2016. Allison Gettings is a member of the family that owns the company and Director of Product for both the Women’s and the Men’s Collection.

Store owner Kay Knipschild is supporting the store opening with his long-standing connection to the brand as business partner and owner of the Red Wing Shoe Stores in Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich. The interior of the store authentically reflects the core values of the brand: tradition, craftsmanship, and the resulting quality label “made in the U.S.A.”, with the store design featuring a characteristic combination of leather, wood, and metal. Carefully selected vintage collectors’ items from the Red Wing company history round off the picture and handmade fabrics from the Minnesota region add a feminine touch to the store.

Photo: Max Schwarzmann

The collection is divided into the styles Modern, Core, and Legacy and offers boots for every occasion. The Women’s styles cover the needs of women through softer leather quality, less weight, an optimised fit, and a more feminine silhouette without losing the characteristic DNA of the brand. All according to the credo: quality above quantity.

Photo: Max Schwarzmann

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